Friday, August 15, 2014

Mostly LEFT HANDED birthday card

In honor of National Left hander's day, I accepted a challenge to make a card predominantly using my left hand. (and Yes, I am right handed.) My brother is a left handed person, so I decided to make this birthday card for him. Since I knew I would have struggles cutting with scissors, I kept my design mostly squares and rectangles that I could cut using my paper cutter. (no problem with left hand) There were some things like tying the bow that required both hands. I think it is on the verge of impossible for me to tie a bow with only the one hand.  I was surprised at what was easy to do: stamp and cut drywall tape. I was equally surprised at what I struggled with. I really struggled using the glue stick with my left hand, I struggled punching the holes for the brads (I guess my left hand isn't as strong) and I had a hard time opening the brads with my left hand. And what the hardest thing was taking the photographs of the card. The shutter release is on the right hand side and using my left hand to push that release meant that my hand covered up the card so it was down right challenging to make sure it was in focus. Good thing is I am done with his card 2 weeks early. That should just give me enough time to get it mailed to him.


  1. What a fabulous card MariLynn - love the colours, the layout, and the sentiments !! Well done on making it predominately with your left hand!

  2. Looks like you did a great job with your left hand. Your card is beautiful.