Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A story of HOT GLUE gears

 All good stories start with once upon a time... Right?
 Well once upon a time there was a crafter who didn't have much money to spend on her craft supplies.She tried to find creative ways to do make do with what she had. In other words... she was cheap/thrifty. She really liked steampunk style with its gears and clocks and such. She bought some gears at a craft store but at 50¢ a piece that was too expensive. So she set out to see if there was a creative way to make a gear embellishment. Out of creativity, she thought to take hot glue and push the 50¢ gear into the glue to make an impression. When the glue cooled she took the metal gear off and painted the hot glue gear black. Then she rubbed copper inka gold over the top. The result was these gears. They turned out with imperfections. However,at a cost of 5¢ for the 5 gears, that was a price she liked alot.

 (here is where the story takes a turn)

She was making a hot glue gear when she got distracted... not usually a problem, but this time it was. She accidentally put her finger into the puddle of hot glue. Long story short, she ended ripping the skin off the top of her finger. As she sat with her bandaged finger throbbing, she decided to share this cautionary tale. She recommends that when making gears out of hot glue, pay very close attention to what you are doing.
I really like how they look with Mark's Finest Papers GEARS TO YOU  set.

This card really did start as the sketch for the SCS sketch challenge today. SC503 I had originally thought of putting the sentiment on the base. I ended up matting it and putting it on a separate panel, because I decided to emboss the base.


  1. Love your gear story and lesson! Love your gear card, too! Thanks for sharing your wisdom! :)

  2. Goodness, Marilynn! I pray your finger heals quickly!
    Those gers are really cool! (now! lol) And the card is fantastic!

  3. Youch!!!!!! I hope your fingers heal quickly! I LOVE that you made your own gears! Thrifty and smart and I like that these embellishments have their own style! They look wonderfully artsy! Great card!

  4. Oh MariLynn - my finger is hurting in sympathy!! What a great idea to make your own gears, and a fabulous outcome (apart from the burnt finger)

  5. OMGoodness...I love these. Sorry their beauty came at such great cost to you. Hope it's all healed up. But really, these are amazing. I love them. Gotta try that. I have some of the metallic rub stuff that would be perfect. I really LOVE this look. You are the technique / card fold queen my dear.