Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Lighthouse

I wanted a net for this card so I took 5 pieces of twine and did square knots alternating the strings to create the diamonds in the net. I water colored the image. 

 I used paint shop to create this nautical map.
It is my free gift to you.You can use it for any project that you make personally. I only ask that you don't take credit for it as your own.  How I used it on my project is, I saved the map and used Microsoft word to get it to the size that I wanted. I printed it on tan dp. I left about a 1/4 inch border and then burned the edges to give it a vintage look. (When burning edges I keep water near by and make sure that I have something to catch the ashes, and make sure that the sparks are all out before putting matches in the trash. It also helps to do just a little bit at a time)

Here is a tutorial on how I made my sand dollar.

When I finished my first card,  there were things that I wished I had done differently so I made a second card. I left the encyclopedia page off, changed the orientation, changed the coloring on the lighthouse. I added beads to the twine, I also stamped the word "peace" on the burlap. I embossed the background.  While I was making my cards, this song called, "My Lighthouse" played on Pandora. I don't believe in circumstances. I believe it was a God things. I so enjoyed listening to it.


  1. Love your cards MariLynn , and thanks so much for the tutorial and the map. I too love that song, and we listen to it a lot.

  2. Your card is beautiful. I love it.