Sunday, October 14, 2012






I love trees. God made them beautiful in any season.
 Psalm 52:10 - But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God;
 I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever.

That scripture is the one that my friend and sister in Christ, Miejse picked for this week's contemplation.
When reading it, I had a picture of God's house and his yard. Trees of every shape and kind. All flourishing and doing well. This summer where I live the heat and dry season was very hard on a lot of trees. They didn't look well. In fact some look like they died. People who cared about their trees took extra effort to make sure that they were watered.  Only time will tell if the trees in my yard will make it. The old oak trees don't look very good. That makes me sad because as I said above, I love trees. Perhaps one of my earliest memories is laying in bed looking out the window at the leaves on the tree, while I was supposed to be taking a nap. When I got a little older, my mom would have to look for me because I was always climbing the trees. I've climbed fig trees, orange trees, oak trees, pine trees... I loved being up off of the ground and hidden away.  
Miejse's challenge was to make a card or project with a tree on it.
My first card has a really close up look at the tree with just the pine branches and pincones with a little nuthatch. The sky was dark and rainy today and was the inspiration for the background. As I was making this card, I looked out my window, into the rain and saw the house sparrow that has been my companion all year. As I do my work, I look out the window and see him and his mate. The like to sit on the roof of a near by shed. I call them my little friends. I even talk to them through the window. To me they are a wonderful reminder that because God takes care of the sparrows, he will take care of me. I love the old hymn "His eye is on the Sparrow". I printed it twice. My card is a bifold card. I have the song on the card twice. Once as a background behind the circle and again on the inside flap. I wanted the words to be seen because they are such a comfort to me and I wanted the person who gets this card to be ale to read them. The person that I had in mind when making this card is my friend Michelle. She and her husband pastor the church that I go to. The past couple of months have brought life storms into their lives. First my pastor's grandpa died. He was a believer, so we know that he is with God, but it is still a hard time for the family, and then this last Sunday night, Michelle's brother Jesse was in a horrible motorcycle accident. That night the doctors didn't give the family any hope of him living beyond that night. But he is still alive. I believe that he is still alive because our God is a merciful God and is giving Jesse more time. He is not a believer. I am praying that God will heal him and that Jesse will choose Christ as his savior. What a testimony he will have when that happens. I would like to ask you to join me in praying for Jesse.  

Inside view of bifoldcard.


My second card shows a big tree with on of my favorite 
verses from Jeremiah 17:8

The stamps for both of these cards are from Mark's Finest Papers sets.

Our Sponsor for this week is: Whimsy Stamps.

Sometimes real life gets in the way of our hobbies. That was the case with several of my Stampin' Sisters. So if you need inspiration on making a card with a tree, make sure you check out what my sisters did at


  1. These are both fantastic Marilynn!

  2. I love both of them MariLynn! I loved what you said about trees too. You are so right - I love trees too. We do not see the drastic changes here in FL but there are subtle changes that we appreciate. Thanks for sharing and for always being there!

  3. Marilynn - Your post brings tears to my eyes today. I will be praying fervently for Jesse. God is so good and merciful. One of my "boys" was in a crash this year and I continue to pray for his salvation as well. The song you picked is one of my favorites as well. Great choice for this card. I will pray for Michelle as well. (I have to say, I talk to the birds outside my windows as well. I have feeders out there and love to see who comes each day.) Your cards are very beautiful today, just like you and your heart.
    Many blessings dear sister,

  4. MariLynn these are beautiful cards - and I really appreciate your words.

  5. MariLynn, both cards are beautiful, as is your post. You always put so much thought and reflection into your writing and it always blesses. I'll be praying for your pastor's family and Michelle's brother, Jesse. Thanks for taking up the slack too and creating more than your fair share of projects for the challenge! You are a treasure!!!

  6. Marilynn your cards and pictures are absolutely beautiful thanks for sharing.

  7. Your cards and your heart are all beautiful. I love trees too. These pictures make me miss the Midwest so much. Your bird is so pretty. I have many feeders and love watching them. Great job my friend.

  8. Hello MariLynn, I love your works of the heart and art!! Always something special! I am happy to be able to comment this week, sometimes it will not let me! I will pray for Michelle and Jesse - you are a wonderful friend to all MariLynn! {{{hugs}}}