Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Caroling

(in her long wool coat getting her
bottles of lotion to give away to the residents)

(in his brown carhart jacket, studying the
words to the old Christmas carols)
(decked out in his Christmas sweater,
and singing JOY TO THE WORLD)

(with her arms filled with bottles
of lotion to give to the residents,)

I am so blessed to have a great family. Not just my close family, but my church family. Christmas is a time to give, and the church family that I have is one of the most giving. Last night 40 people from our congregation went to the local nursing homes to carol. We have been told by nursing care workers that the gift that would mean the most to the residents is hand lotion, so our church family came prepared with lots of bottles of lotion to give away. It was an amazing time. What touched my heart the most was in the Alzheimers unit. There were residents that I know had lost a lot of memories, but when we started singing the old Christmas carols, they could still sing along. Music is such a powerful gift.

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  1. Hi Marilynn,

    Just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and a Happy New year!