Friday, May 17, 2019

Mono printed- Bible Mapping Bookmarks

I made these bookmarks for the small group of ladies at my church that gathered for Bible Study in the month of April. I took pieces of mono printed cardstock. I die cut the tags using. 
I stamped the silhouette butterfly from 
and I stamped the flowers from
On the back of each one I wrote the steps for bible mapping that was shared 
by my good friend Diane Nobel.
 Those steps are:
1.Verse- Write it, Say it
2. Versions- 2-3  and a paraphrase
3. Wordwork- Greek and Hebrew
4. Framework- Context
5. Connect- Cross reference
6. Purpose & Pray-  Apply
7. Truth?
8. Illustrate- Get Creative.

I finished the off with a little rhinestone in the corner and purple embroidery floss. 


  1. So many wonderful bookmarks and all so gorgeous with the beautiful colors on each.

  2. Amazing tags MariLynn - and so wonderful to resume the teaching on the back of each one of them - a very handy reference!