Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Life

My crafty friend and fellow mixed media team member changed addresses earlier this month. She left her earthly home for her heavenly one. She loved art, mixed media, butterflies, music, her family, and mostly she loved Jesus and God. So, while I am sad that we won't be crafting together or chatting on facebook, we will see each other again because we are sisters in Christ.  Do you have a relationship with Jesus? It is the only way to heaven. If you have questions leave a comment and I'll talk to you about my relationship with him. 

Melissa and I shared with each other Christian music that we liked, so I choose to listen to music as I crafted.

This is what I listened to when I was creating this card for Melissa's family. It is one of my favorite songs. It tells of our journey of faith from weak and wounded sinner to victorious flying to Jesus. I imagined the joy Melissa felt when she left this world to fly to Jesus. 

My card celebrates New Life.

I wanted it to look like the butterflies were flying when you open the card. I cut the butterflies and attached them to a piece of twine. Problem is that they dropped down when card was closed. So I added another piece of twine to sort of anchor them in place. If I make another card like this I will have to tweak my design a little bit more, but I like how this turned out. It was hard to photograph. I took a couple so maybe you can see how it looks. The inside of the card has the old hymn "It is well with my soul".  

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