Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Winter Coffee Lovers Bloghop extra comments.

For the Winter Coffee Lovers Bloghop, my plan was to not only create fun winter, coffee projects, but to give the gift of commenting on all the projects. As of this morning, day 5. There have been 600 plus entries. I have tried to comment on all of them, but if the links were done by Flicker, Instagram or Pinterest, I wasn't able to leave comments. So I made a list along the way on paper so I could share the comments here. I will have the # listed of the project and my comment next to it.

#68- I love the striped paper that you used. Very pretty project.
#69- Oh your little gingerbread girl is so cute.
#72- Cute card. I love the paper piecing you did on your polar bear.
#99- Love the stitched look on your project. I like how you added a paper doily
#101-I like the sentiment die that you used on your tag.
#102- What a pretty cup. Love the holly.
#104- I like how your sentiment banner extends past the edge of the tag.
#106- I like the zig zag edge
#107- I like the way you water colored on the coffee pot.
#120- I like the postage stamp die you used to frame your image.
#130- I like the paper you used on your card. It reminded me of my son's Ugly Christmas sweater, but in a nice way.
#144- That is such a cute little reindeer on your project.
#151- That is a very cute little Santa
#155- Those jingle bells are so pretty.
#163- I like those hanging mittens.
#166- cute tag. I love the snowflake.
#171- I like the little snowman cups.
#177 - Love the colors on your tags.
#185- Love the sparkly strip on your background.
#191- I like the little tag on your card.
#198- I like the little Starbucks emblem on  your ornament.
#202-The little cup with the pink hearts paper really stands out with the other cups in the background.
#201- Love the snowflakes on your box card
#203- "Catpuccino" perfect for that fat cat.
#207- Love the stripes on the coffee pot.
#235- I like the die that you used on your tag.
#236- I love the zig zag block framing your cup.
#237-The little hearts on the cups are cute.
#238- Great sentiment.
#239- Your project is stunning. It has a very elegant look.
#240- I love the colorful background
#242- I love the little hearts.
#243- I love how the circle shows through the slits.
#244- Great CAS card. I like how the coffee looks.
#255 - Love the blue snowflake on your project.
#256- Love the little Christmas light bulbs with the 3 different plaids.
#257- Love the scarf with the cup.
#258- Love the die cut words.
#260- Love the holly on your card. Beautiful job photographing your card.
#271- I like the little red hearts.
#272- I like how the circle frames the cup.
#276- I like how the sequins and snowflakes look on the little cup.
#283- What a cute little shaker tag.
#284- I like the little snowflake at the top of your tag.
#291 The red and white color combo looks so pretty. Great gift idea. I like how the little gingerbread boy peeks out.
#296- Love the teal background behind the heart.
#307- I like how the reindeer peeks out on the tag.
#311-How creative to make a coffee bean tree.
#322- Love the background and the dimensional beans.
#341- Love the cup and the marshmallows. So cute.
#343- I love the holly paper that you used.
#345- I like the design. Very cute.
#347- Cute socks on the penguin.
#349- I like how the sentiment die looks.
#362- I like how you tied the ribbon to the cup.
#363- That is a cute sentiment that you used.
#367- What a beautiful snowflake.
#380- Love the sparkle on the sleeve.
#382- Love the little sequins.
#387- Such pretty papers. I love the little gingerbread man.
#391- I like the little heart.
#392- Great CAS design.
#393- That is definitely a true sentiment.
#394. I like the little coffee bean trees.
#395- Great CAS design on your card
#396- I like how you highlighted the sentiment.
#397- Ha ha ha. That is a true sentiment.
#398- You used a really cute layout.
#415- Love how colorful the images on your tag are.
#422- I love the little bear's sweater.
#423- What a cute little gnome.
#424- Love the bling and the plaid ribbon.
#426- Love the little kitties in the cup.
#438- I like how the white sentiment stands out next to the red.
#450- Great interpretation of the sketch. Love the sequins.
#466 Love how the die frames the images. Love the tree paper.
#468- Love the embossed teal background.
#473- Cute cards. Love all the circles. I especially like the sparkly silver one
#475- I like how you upcycled the coffee sleeve
#476- This is a very pretty card.
#477- Your coffee cup looks so realistic. Love the 3-d look.
#478- I like how the coffee cups are suspended on the word window punches.
#479- Like the coffee stains in the variety of shades.
#481- Beautiful CAS design. Love the foam.
#483- What a cute polar bear. Love how his sweater looks.
#490- Very pretty design. Love how the background looks iridescent.
#495- Love the sparkle on the snow, donut and cups.
#500- Love the embossed background. Love how you colored it. It makes me think of a sweater.
#509- Love how the snowflake frames the little girl. I love the water coloring on the snowflake too.
#510- Cute little girls.
#516- Love the sentiment. I like how you added a belt to the cup.
#528- I really like the snowflakes.
#541-  I love the simple layout of your card.
#542- Love the punched out circles on the background.
#543- Great job coloring all those cups.
#546. I love that giant poinsettia. It is gorgeous.
#549- I like how the little gingerbread man is popped up.
#551- I love the black paper with the snowflakes. Black red and green is such a pretty combo.
#553- What a cute little bunny. Love the snowmen on the background paper.
#565- Perfect paper for the background . I love the twine on the tag too.
#571- Pretty tag. I love the sparkly layer
#572- I love the little snowflakes around the edges of your tag.
#573-I love the water colored background.
#575- Love the scalloped edges. You used a very pretty color combo.
#591- The way he is winking makes me think there might be more than coffee in his cup
#601- Cute little gingerbread ma. Love the red bubble wrap behind him.
#608- Love the splattered background.
#611- Interesting background. I like how you have the one cup popped up and have twine tied to the cup handle.
#612- Love the teabag behind the cup. Aren't the teabags fun to use? I love using them. It adds a vintage texture to the card.
#615- What a gorgeous owl. Love how you made a little tea bag holder on your card. The embossed snowflakes look very pretty.
#619- Love the gorgeous gold bow and the blue snowflakes.
#620- I like the way you have the book page panel. I also like the heart on the cup.
#639- Those gals sure look like they are having a fabulous time. I like the paper that you used.
#648- Beautiful cup. Love the warm colors you used.
#660- Love the papers that you used on the cups. The little  candy cane hooked over the edge of the one cup is awesome.
#667- Love the way the wreath frames the sentiment.
#668- Love the sequins on the steam. Cute sentiment paired with the donut.
#686-I like the way the red frames the little tea pot.
#687- Very pretty tag. I like the peppermint colored cup.
#691- Love the white kraft combo. Love the little flourishes in the corner.
#692- Very pretty tags. The addition of the black makes them look so sharp and clean.
#693- Love how the ribbon and twine match the cup and candy cane.
#697- Love the red ornaments on the tree on your tag.
#698- Love the colors of your little cup and I like the big snowflake
#700- What a cute idea to make those little ornaments with the cocoa mix and marshmallows . Great little gifts
#701- I like the little deer and tree on the cup sleeve.
#709- I like the little heart.
#710- Great paper on the cup. I like your CAS design.
#711 -I like how the die cut sentiment really stands out on your tag.
#712- Love the little purple mittens. They are what caught my eye first on your card.
#719- Love the stenciled background and the snowflakes.
#720- Love the little pocket for the tea bag. Cute idea.
#724- Pretty cup. Love the colors you used. Great water colored background.
#727- I like how the embossing looks. The red frames the cup and makes it stand out.
#730- Love the cut up background. Great design. I like the cute penguin I like how the scarf matches the background.
#738-Stunning card. I like the white embossing on the Kraft with the pop of color. I think the red one is especially pretty.
#745- Cute card. I like the little kitty. The corner punches look pretty too.
#759- I like the little jingle bells on the handle of the cup.
#761- I like the layered die cut hearts.
#781- I like how the hearts on the cup and on the base look.
#782- Love the burlap and die cut sentiment.
#783- Your background reminds me of a stained glass window
#786- I love how the poinsettias look on your cup. I like the addition of the wrapped twine.
#789- What a cute favor box. Love how you colored the image. I especially like the highlights on the cup.
#790- I like the peppermint paper for your cup. Love the little flourish steam.
#791- Love the striped background. I like the water colored look. I like the embossing to
#795-ooooh how pretty. I like the splatters on the background. I like how the line of coffee beans adds a horizontal design element to your card.
#797-What a cute gift card holder.
#798- So cute. I like that little reindeer.
#800- Love how your cup looks with the dark background. Cute washi tape.
#801- Cute treat bag and topper.
#802- How neat to add the tea bags to the holder. That swap sounds like a lot of fun.
#803- Love the pun- sentiment.
#808-Love the bling on the snowflakes. The red and white combo is stunning.
#818- So very pretty. I like the little pearls.
#823- That is a big cup. maybe he has enough coffee...well not quite, but close
#834- I like the multilingual background
#835- Oh so cute. Love how you crinkled the mountains.
#837- Love the paper pieced cup
#838- Love how the wreath frames the tea pot
#853- I like the embossing folder you used.
#863-Cute reindeer on your tag.
#880- Stunning card. Love the plaid and the holly leaves and berries.
#893- I like the design and textures on your card.
#894- I like how the circles on the background match the circles on the cup.
#896- I like how the white on white background on your tag makes the cup stand out.
#897- I like the hexagon die cut background an the polka dotted letters.
#898- Great design and layout.
#900- I like the patterned paper that you used for the base of your card.
#901- That dark blue really makes the cup stand out
#902- Cute penguin with the cup on his head.
#903- I like the embossed background.
#904- I like how the cup is dimensional.
#905- I love the big snowflake
#908- Cute little chicks. Great job coloring. Love the little snowflakes on the dp.
#910- Lots of colorful cups to choose from to enjoy some tea. Great sentiment.
#913- I like how your cups make a wreath.
#918- So elegant. I love the colors. I like the highlights and all the gold.
#925- I love the snowflakes. Great upcycling of the coffee sleeve.
#934- Cute sentiment.
#938- Pretty. I like the gold and pink ribbon.
#940- Great layout. I like the placement of the snowflakes.
#941- Adorable bear. I like the texture of his scarf.. Great job coloring
#943- Love the beautiful background behind your famed coffee cup.
#945- Great sentiment. Love the little dots on the cups and on the circle frame. Such and adorable little hamster in a cup. Cute card.
#946- Love all the polka dots and the sparkly green
#949- Pretty papers. I love the die cut "frame"
#950- Love the tea bag folding on top of the cup. Great for celebrating tea day.
#951- Love the used tea bag you used behind the cactus image. I like the texture it adds
#964- I like the colorful leaves.
#965- I love the pine branch behind the die cut "Coffee"
#966- Love how the white stands out.
#967. Love the background
#968- Love the colors on your background.
#969- I like the ribbon and twine you used on your tag.
#970- Great CAS card
#979- Cute card. I like how you colored his scarf.

That's a wrap. Thanks to Amy for all the hard work that she does doing this Coffee Lovers Bloghop. Thanks also to the super sponsors. And of course a super big thanks to all the hoppers that shared such beautiful projects. You made the world just a little prettier with your creations. I hope that everyone has a blessed Christmas season. Remember the real reason we celebrate and enjoy time with those you love, extend love, grace and peace to those you meet.