Thursday, April 20, 2017

Earth Day altered CD in honor of Princess Anna

 I had this grunge dp on my desk. I traced the cd around it and cut it out. It was then that I saw that in addition to grunge, it had a kitty foot print. I think she stepped in some dust and onto my paper. It was going to be covered up anyway. I think it makes it special. It is because of this little foot print that this project is going to my friend Deb. In memory of sweet princess ANNA.
 For the other side of the cd I printed a globe on cardstock I used a stencil and glue to make the butterflies. I used burned glue technique on the glue.
 The globe side after painting, stamping, and adding pearls and metallic rub.

Close up view of butterflies.
Other side. Can you even see the Kitty foot print?


  1. Absolutely wonderful remake of the CD! I love those butterflies especially.

  2. I can't see the kitty foot print now, but I LOVE that it's there somewher!!! Your friend will treasure this!