Thursday, August 18, 2016

Write to catch a butterfly

This week's MIX-ability challenge this week was very challenging for me. The challenge is to do illegible writing as a background. I really tried, but really struggled to "write" so that it looked artistic and that you weren't distracted trying to read it. So how I worked through that was to emboss my cardstock. I rubbed metallic rub over the raised areas. I then took a black marker and mimicked the embossing. 
 The blue butterflies were ones from my stash. I spent several days this week sorting through all my scraps. I seldom through anything away. Some times I will have stamped something that just doesn't work with the current project. I don't remember when I stamped and colored these butterflies, but they were perfect for this card.

 My friend Pam and I added an extra challenge to add blue and cheesecloth. I really like how this turned out. So much more fun creating than cleaning.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful MariLynn - the sparkly blue butterflies are perfect, and I love how you created your background.