Friday, January 30, 2015

Mixed media water drop

The Mix challenge on  today is to make water droplets. MIX105  I tried doing it they way Lydia described but not having a gel pen really hurt. My stippling looked terrible. So I had to figure out a different way to make my water. This link was really helpful: Draw a drop of water. 
After watching a couple of the videos I tried again with just a plain ball point pen, a pencil and white acrylic paint. I drew horseshoe sort of shapes with the pen. Leaving the tops open. Then I shaded with my pencil. Not any special pencil, just a plain #2 pencil. I shaded the left hand corners of the horse shoes. I also shaded at the top so the drop was "closed". The I shaded on the outside of the drop at the bottom right hand side of the horseshoe. If I had had a white gel pen I would have used that for my highlights but I didn't so I used white acrylic paint. I wanted it really thin and I don't have a brush small enough, so I dipped the end of a paper clip into white paint to "draw" my paint on my drops. I put a tiny little dot in the left hand corner of each drop and a line along the inside of the right hand bottom side of the drops.


If drawing your own raindrops intimidates you, there are some really cool stamps of water droplets by Ryn.

I chose to use this scripture because the water drops made me think of tears.

One more thing... I found that the drops looked the best on colored paper, because the highlights stood out more and I didn't have to shade quite so much to get them to look real.


  1. What amazing drops of water MariLynn - I honestly thought you had used some dimensional medium there. Well done, and they are stunning cards too - love your scripture quote one.