Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Calm? Yeah right.

This week the blue team is having their turn showcasing the newly released MFP sets for the blog hop. I know you are going to enjoy what you find there. HERE is where you start.

My project is a bookmark using the set called CALM AND WISDOM.  I made this especially for my sister. She married a man who is from Japan. Together they have 8 amazing kids. They can be a handful and every time we talk on the phone, CALM isn't not the word to describe the sounds in the background. To add to my sister's stress, she has a special needs, child, and she home-schools them all. She is teaching Calculus to her oldest and counting to her youngest.. The other day she was telling me the variety of books that she was reading to help them with their schooling. I thought she needed a bookmark to help her keep track. That is where I started with this bookmark.

I thought since my sister's kids are a mixture of two cultures, that I would mix the Calm symbol with the English writing. I also thought it would be neat to make a bookmark out of a book (Irony) So I pulled out my encyclopedia that I have been using for my projects. I found a page on mental illness. My twisted sense of humor thought that it would be funny to use with the word CALM. (I am often more on the mental side than I am the calm myself.) I paper pieced her Kimono and added a quilled rose to her hair.


  1. Marilynn,
    What a very pretty bookmark you've made for your sister and I'm sure she'll love the sense of humor with the encylopedia page you selected. Wow, your sis must be amazing - calculus -how I hated calculus!

  2. Oh MariLynn this is an absolutely stunning creation - and the story behind it is so delightful :-). Love it!

  3. Great bookmark for what sounds like one incredible woman. I just tutor 6 students in Maths in the evenings but doing full home teaching for 8 and one with special needs - phew!