Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mark's Finest Papers Blog Hop May 2013 Day 2 IN TENTS

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Patty P.
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Boy Scouts of America, is very important to my family. I have been volunteering for 11 straight years. Both of my sons are Life Scouts working  towards EAGLE! This set was a lot of fun to work with. I thought it would be fun to make a little S'MORES treats for the boys in our troop for our Court of Honor in a couple of weeks.

Ever have a project in your mind that seemed like a good idea when you started it and it turned out not so great? Usually what I and others share on our blogs are just the successes. However, I thought I would show you my failure and how I fixed it. Below is my S'MORES treat card. It isn't terrible, but I didn't really account for the thickness of the marshmallows.  I thought stitching with my sewing machine would be a good way to close the card. Well, it didn't look that great.

So to fix my first project I decided to make a 2,5,7,9 box. You basically take a regular sheet of cardstock and score it at 2, 5,7, and 9. Then turn it and score at 2 and at 7. I closed my box with white twine. I decided to color the tents blue because our troop has blue tents. I masked the fire, so it could fit on the box, but I really do know better than to put a fire that close to the tents.(I had to put that there in case any of my fellow scouters sees this post.)

So that you could see the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolates,
 I cut an oval window in the back of the box.

Side view of the box.

 This was our troop meeting the other night. The older boys were teaching the younger ones how to make a camp fire. My boys are the ones in the bright neon colored shirts. Joshua on left and Kaleb on right.

Yeah, the got it going!

This is a photo of a winter camp out with the lovely blue tents.




  1. Wow your projects are so fun and cute. And this is such a great idea for a Smores party. I didn't think to use this stamp set in this way. Happy for the inspiration. And you have scrapbook picture that will work will with this stamp set. TFS AJ-

  2. Marilynn - thanks for sharing your struggles - the set was obviously designed with you in mind and you made it work wonderfully on those treat bags.

  3. What a great idea and I'm sure your fellow scout will understand your artist licence when it comes to the siting of your fire.

  4. I love this cute project and how you made a window for us to see the goodies. A great idea.

  5. Thanks for posting your whoopsies. What a terrific idea for the s'mores. I think it would out great. Also, I love seeing the pics and reading your blurb.

  6. MariLynn--I love the card!!! I don't think it looks bad at all! And your bag project is just adorable! TFS

  7. Great job on these projects, Marilynn. Bet the boys loved them!

  8. Glad you figured out how to use the s'mores ingredients -- the box was perfect. Looks like your boys are into camping!

  9. Your box is fabulous! And love the camping photos as well. You are so creative and I always enjoy seeing what you have come up with.

    Come and see what I've done lately!

  10. Love how your boxes turned out! Cute idea for this stamp set!!! Your boys are really into getting that fire going!!! TFS the pictures too.

  11. Love yur s'more sweet treat box! Thanks for sharing the real camping photos...I miss it so!

  12. Wonderful pics of your boys - thanks for sharing! Your box is adorable - I love the 'smores in the window too!

  13. You made me smile with the comment about your campfire!!! When I created mine I's not a good idea to place a campfire in the grass! I like your smore card and your smore treat bag. I think the card turned out cute even though you weren't happy with it!

  14. Love the final result! Scouting was important to our family too--all 4 boys went on to become Eagle Scouts.

  15. What wonderful treat bag that you made...
    Someone is for sure to like them very much!!

  16. Really cute ideas. I miss my Scouting days.

  17. Nice! I really love that you shared what didn't work and how you fixed it because we all really go through that process! Love the camping/scouting photos!!

  18. What a great way to "save" a project-I must remember this!

  19. Perfect! Smores for camping card!!! Lovin it!

  20. Those are certainly s'more good cards!

  21. I really like your "fix", though the first one wasn't bad.

  22. looks like you have lived your creations. :)

  23. Fun idea for a treat and a great use of the stamps