Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September MFP blog hop -Going Batty

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I'll tell you up front, that I don't celebrate Halloween. There is too much "evil" associated with that day for me to feel comfortable celebrating it. My family and I have chosen instead to celebrate FALL as an alternative. And our church has a big celebration each year with hundreds of kids coming to celebrate FALL.
That being said, I do like the little bats in this set. They are just adorable. not scary or "evil" at all. Just more of God's amazing creatures. Just a few interesting things about bats... they are the only flying mammal... most eat bugs and insects (a single brown bat can eat around 1200 mosquitos  in one hour)., they sleep upside down..the use echolocation and .some hibernate while others do a temporary hibernation called torpor. 

Living where I do, it isn't far to the caves that were the inspiration for Mark Twain's  novel, Tom Sawyer. A couple of years ago, my husband and I took our kids to the caves. As you walk along the path in the caves, you can see the bats hanging on the walls. I have also seen the bats at Carlsbad Caverns, Star's Cave and under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin TX. You kinda expect bats when you are at these places, but the bat that makes me laugh and smile lives in our local Theatre. Once when my daughter was on stage, she was upstaged by the bat. He came swooping down from the rafters and was dive bombing the people in the balcony. My daughter hadn't seen the bat come out and she thought that people were laughing and screaming at her.
The poem on my bat card says:

Little Bat
(I don't know the author or I would  give them credit)

Little Bat
Small and furry,
little bat,
fly through the sky at night.

Listen, listen
little bat
as echos guide your flight

Swoop and dive
little bat
catch insects as you fly.

Hurry, hurry
little bat
back to your nearby cave

Snug and warm
little bat
toes hold the ceiling light

Sleepy, sleepy
little bat
wrapped in your wings until night.
Card details: I ink spray smashed the cardstock. I printed the poem on the one panel. I heat embossed stars and random dots. I sewed the panels. The bats were stamped, colored and cut out. I added a paper spring to both of them to give them dimension. To add to their dimension, I folded the wings of both bats along the first line after the body. That one thing really gives them a 3-d look. 
I hope you are enjoying all the wonderful samples that the other ladies on the design team have for your inspiration.
Have a Blessed Day!!


  1. Really love your bat poem and decoration - fully understand where you are coming from regarding Halloween.

  2. Beautiful bat poem. I love the embossed stars and the bats are cute. I've never seen a bat. I bet its a lot of fun. TFS AJ-

  3. Fun card and interesting trivia about bats; cool poem too. Love it, MariLynn!!!

  4. Cute, the upside down bat. Funny story about your daughter and you've left us a cute poem.
    Our church does the same thing. Kids having fun!

  5. Even though you don't celebrate Halloween, you did a great job with this set. Love your bat poem!

  6. Your bats are batt-a-rific! couldn't resist the pun. have to do at least one a blog hop.
    stamping sue

  7. What a great idea! I too love Christmas and celebrating the real reason for the season!

    Thanks for the for inspiration as well!
    personalized christmas gifts

  8. WoWWW such a cute card!!!! I love your bat poem and how you did the cute little bats. Great job!!!
    Thanks for sharing the poem too.

  9. LOVE this! What a fun memory to share of your daughter...but how awful to think everyone was laughing at after::)

  10. Your card is lovely and would look nice in a frame. I really like the ink spray bkgrd. The poem is a good one. Who wrote it?

  11. What a sweet card! I love that you used a poem and made your bat cute!

  12. Oh, Marilynn, this is just the cutest!! You have to admit that this little bat is just adorable!! The poem is so very cute and made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  13. MariLynn--what a wonderful creation! I love your embossed stars! TFS

  14. Like the Bat poem. Thanks for sharing the words. I've been to Carlsbad Caverns & to the Natural Bridge Cavern near Austin, TX.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  15. Cute card; love the upside down bat! (I'm with you; we don't really celebrate Halloween either.) TFS

  16. Our family doesn't celebrate Halloween either, for the same reasons. I love your bat info, poem and card! Great way to use the set to celebrate something good.

  17. That bat is certainly very cute - not in the least halloween scarey. cheers Linda