Thursday, January 5, 2012

Special possession

Do you own something that is really special to you? For my husband it would be his tools. For my boys it would by their gaming systems. For me it is my craft supplies. I would be sad if anything happened to my craft tools or supplies. I try to take really good care of them. Some of my possessions are important to me because of sentimental value, but most of my special possessions were expensive. That made me think of the cost that God spent for me. He gave His only son for me. That is the highest expense. I am encouraged to know that I am God's special possession. I have worth. I like how my senior pastor puts it. "I am not a mistake, I am not an "oops" I am God's child."
I used layers of color - flourish on the background of the scripture. I used Mojo222 sketch. I used the colors for this week's SCS color combo challenge.

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  1. This is beautiful MariLynn, and I love the thoughts you shared.