Sunday, October 2, 2011

...Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness. Gentleness and Self-Control... these are the fruit of the Spirit. These are the fruit of the Spirit!

Insert little music notes here... because as I was typing the verse that my wonderful sister in Christ, Kris, chose for this week, Gal. 5:22-23a I was singing it. When my kids were little I used to memorize scripture with them set to music. It was a very effective way to not only memorize but retain scripture. They did this when they participated in AWANAS and Pathseekers, two great programs to help kids grow spiritually. This one was especially effective because all I have to do is start humming the melody and my kids will sing the scripture.

When working on this week's challenge, the question that came up is- What is fruit? I don't have a lot of traditional fruit images. I looked up the definition of fruit and found that it means the part of a tree or plant that can be eaten that has seeds.

When my kids were little, they loved taking the seeds from their apples and trying to plant them. We never were successful in growing an apple tree that could produce more apples, despite our trying. But that is the purpose of the seeds, to be planted to produce new fruit. How could this apply to this week's scripture?
The Holy Spirit produces Love in our lives... we need to plant those seeds of love in the life of someone who may not feel loved.
The Holy Spirit produces Joy in our lives... we need to plant those seeds of joy in the life of someone who is overwhelmed by sadness.
The Holy Spirit produces Peace in our lives... we need to plant those seeds of peace in the lives of people who are stressed and troubled.
The Holy Spirit produces Patience in our lives... we need to plant those seeds of patience in the lives of people who want what the want and the want it NOW.
The Holy Spirit produces Kindness in our lives... we need to plant those seeds of kindness in the lives of those who need to hear a kind word or need to see what kindness looks like because all they have known is abuse.
The Holy Spirit produces Goodness in our lives... we need to plant the seeds of goodness in a world that glorifies sinful living.
The Holy Spirit produces Faithfulness in our lives... we need to plant seeds of faithfulness to people who have been let down by the people they trusted, who were unfaithful to them.
The Holy Spirit produces Gentleness in our lives... we need to plant seeds of gentleness in the lives of people who have only known how hard this sinful world can be.
The Holy Spirit produces Self-control in our lives... we need to plant the seeds of self-control in the lives of those who have been told by society... do what you want... when you want... it is your life.

Dear God, thank you for the fruits of your holy spirit that you are bringing to harvest in my life. I pray that you will increase your harvest by helping me be aware of the opportunities to share the seeds of your fruits in the lives of those I come in contact with. In Jesus name, amen!

Here is Kris' challenge for this
Include FRUIT in your creation (stamp, digi, paper, charms, etc.). *By definition, a pumpkin is a fruit, and so are other “Harvest” produce such as gourds :)

The pumpkins on my card are stamped several times and layered with craft foam for dimension. This card was inspired by my stampin' sister in Christ, Traci. She sent me a card with embossed dp. It was gorgeous. I never would have thought to emboss dp before that.

This video has some jazz music as it shares some scripture and ideas on the fruit of the Spirit! I enjoyed it and thought you might too.

The sponsor for this week is: Clear Dollar Stamps.

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  1. Hello MariLynn - what a great take on this weeks challenge! I love your 'fruit' and your explanation of fruit - it is inspiring!! You are such a shining light MariLynn - thank you Sistah! {{{hugs}}}

  2. I love your take on this Scripture passage Marilynn! My girls were in AWANA also, and I used to be in church musicals with that big book Psalty, remember him? ;) I agree, singing Scripture helps to retain. Your card is cute with those li'l pumpkins... was wonderin' if someone would use em! *Ü* Have a wonderful week 'sister'!

  3. Oh how cute! Love the quilted looking background. Such a pretty design. Have a fantastic week.

  4. Wonderful devotional today! I love your card, its beautiful!

  5. Thank you for sharing the devotional today. Your card is beautiful - love the embossing.


    Oh I forgot to tell you I have blog candy if you or your followers are interested.

  6. Beautiful card, MariLynn, and thank you for your exposition of scripture - I do love your words of wisdom on these posts.

  7. Amen MariLynn!!! Beautiful card dear girl. I pray all is well with you.


  8. MariLynn your card is beautiful but even more so your words of wisdom shared today! I love coming to your blog each week and reading your deep and profound thoughts! You have such a gift of giving God's word in relevant ways! So glad you're on this team! Sorry I couldn't play this time but... will be back! :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hi! During the summer, our children's ministries Wednesday evening program focused on fruits of the spirit. I have been looking for a CD of scripture set to music for my Sunday School class to help them learn their Bible verses. Can you tell me what you used? Thanks.

  10. I love the texture and color of your Fall card, MariLynn!! Hope you've had lots of opportunity to sow seeds of fruit into the lives of others this week!! Have a wonderful, blessed week!!