Monday, April 4, 2011

3x3 tote for April

There are times in my life, where I am overcome with committments and activities and I feel like I am playing catch up. Can you relate? These past couple of weeks have been so hectic. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized that my youngest sister, April, is turning 30 tomorrow. You would think her name alone would remind me. I even had it on several calendars as well as on facebook. I think her present is going to be a little late because it is still sitting on my desk. I made her this little tote. It was today's Technique lover's challenge. I first thought of filling the tote with chocolate, but mailing chocolate to Arizona except in December is a very BAD idea. I then tried to think of other types of candy that I could put in it, but drew a blank. The tote is too little for a new pair of shoes... so what to fill it with. I decided to make little 3x3 note cards. Each card has a piece of ink-spray-smash paper to make it unique. I added lace, scoring and paper flowers, leaves and tendrils to each card. I'll have to e-mail April a link to this post so at least she can see her gift :). The butterfly is from a Mark's Finest Papers set called HEARTS, HEARTS, HEARTS. I used another Mark's Finest Papers set called DAFFODIL AND ANISE. I stamed the anise on white cardstock before ink-spray and smashing it for the base of the tote


  1. Wow what an awesome gift!! Just delightful, MariLynn :-) and beautifully made.

  2. This is a beautiful birthday gift, Marilynn. I'm sure your sister will understand how 'life' sometimes gets in the way of being on time! =)) I always come away from here with new ideas I need to try. This time it's the ink spray and smash technique! Homemade DP on the horizon!

  3. ooooww.. this is so cute. I love this!

  4. GORGEOUS! What a great gift idea.