Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Eyes

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I just wanted to share this card I made for the sketch challenge at SCS. I wasn't the only one who used this set, but it was just the perfect image to use for this sketch. I am going to be sending this one to my little sister(Who turns 30 this year). When she was a baby we would make a 2 hr drive from Prescott to Phoenix every week. Just outside of Phoenix was a billboard that had a zoomed in look at a lady's eyes. By the time the 2 hrs was almost over she would start getting antsy and we would have her look for the BIG EYES. Week after week we looked for the BIG EYES, until one week they had changed the billboard... bummer!!! I don't even know if she remembers the big eyes, but I do and that is why this card is going to her.Posted by Picasa


  1. Love the cardboard background! A very striking card.

  2. Great card. I love the texture in the background. Thanks for the fun hop!

  3. Wonderful card MariLynn, the texture behind the eyes is stunning. Thanks for sharing the story :-)

  4. That's such a sweet story! So glad you shared it and wow, that stamp looks great in that sketch.

  5. Amazing!!! I like this card!!! You did an outstanding job!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    p.s. I came here last night but for some reason I couldn't get my comment to post.