Friday, September 17, 2010

Butterfly blessings

I have been very sick this week with a horrible head cold. I haven't spent much time creating this week. One of my blessings this week was on Tuesday afternoon, it was sunny and warm, and the butterflies were congregating in the parking lot at work. My husband and I run a small trucking company, so big 18 wheelers and delicate little butterflies was quite the contrast. There were about 35 monarch butterflies flying and landing on the parking lot. Most of them were male. We had rain earlier in the week and there were still some rain puddles, and that is what I think drew them there. They would fly around and land for drinks of water. When they would land, they weren't the least concerned about me and my camera and I was able to get really close to them. Made it easy to get some great photos. I love butterflies and this blessing of the butterflies was such a wonderful gift from my loving heavenly father.


  1. Thank you for sharing -= they are beautiful :-)
    Trust the cold has healed now.

  2. What fabulous butterflies, MariLynn. I hope that by now you are over your cold - they are a miserable thing to suffer from.