Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thankful for color

This card is a double duty card. It is for Mothermarks Teapot Challenge and for the Stampin' Sisters in Christ #10 Challenge.
Cindy's story started with Mr. and Mrs. Blacken White living in a colorless world. Everything in their home is either black or white. Mr. White lets his wife put 2 pumpkins outside their house each fall, but that isn't enough color for Mrs. White. We were challenged to make a colorful card. I tried to see how many different colored inks I could use. I started with all white cardstock and black cardstock. I used these Martha Stewart inks: sea lavender, ocean, dusk blue, leaf bud, stem green, dandelion, blue sky, lilac, mandarin orange, red chrysanthemum, pink geranium, and pink dahlia. I also used Adirondack wildflower and Black Stazon. I used the retiform technique. My butterflies and top flower are on dimensionals. I used a computer to print my scripture, and finished it off wtih little black brads in the corners.
The Stampin' Sisters in Christ challenge was to make a card that expresses your thankfulness for someone or something they have done, or that encourages someone to be thankful. I have a friend at Church who is going through a really tough time. She has been a stay at home mom and her husband has been out of work for a couple of months. She has a teenaged son who is struggling with debilitating headaches, and she herself is dealing with a lot of health issues. I hope that this card will encourage her. It reminded me that if I want to stay in God's will, I need to have a thankful heart, not a complaining or whining attitude. I dislike it when my kids complain. I wonder how much God dislikes it when I complain.
I know Mrs. Blacken White is fictional, but if I were in her postition, I know it would be so easy to to fall into the temptation of complaining. I can even hear my voice saying...This isn't fair, I love colors. Everyone else gets colors. I am missing out.... It would be so easy to have the wrong perspective. I bet if I were to look out the window I would see lots of colors. Blue sky, Green grass, Red cardinals, Purple flowers, ORANGE pumpkins, Yellow Leaves... When I look for God's blessings, I always find them. THANK YOU GOD.


  1. Very pretty. Thank you also for reminding us all to be thankful. There is always someone else who is in more dire straits then we are. We often forget just how many blessings we really have.

  2. I love your card. The butterflies are beautiful and the colors are so bright and cheery. I'm sure your friend will be encouraged by this lovely card!! blessings

  3. Very pretty card! Your background is amazing! I love the bright contrast of the orange against the greens. Awesome! Thanks for playing with us at SSCC!

  4. What a great perspective you have Marilynn, we can see God's faithfulness and much to be thankful for if we just look, like you describe. All the colors in nature, aren't they gorgeous? And you have so many of them on this card, it is truly a beauty. Thanks for playing with the SSCC group.

  5. This is just beautiful Marilynn. Lovely card.

    How true about whining and complaining! Sometimes, it's hard to remember to praise God in the tough times...but oh how He can give us the hope and strength to make it through those times! Our God is AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing these thoughts. (and thanks for stopping by my blog!)


  6. MariLynn this is beautiful!!! Your verse is just perfect! I'm so glad you are blogging because I love your take on everything and now I can come visit you here and catch up all at once as I can! Love you sister!

  7. pretty card thanks for joining us at SSCC

  8. Oh my goodness..this is so beautiful!! Can't believe you got THAT many colors of inks on this card, and yet it looks sooo serene! Just gorgeous. Love the verse on there as well. Definately one of my FAVEs! =)

  9. Your card is beautiful!!! Do you live in Mississppi? I do. Thanks for playing with us at Stampin' Sisters in Christ! :)