Thursday, July 16, 2015


This card was an layer by layer kind of card. I started with a cardboard box that at one time held crackers. I put a layer of gesso on the cardboard. I then used my computer and printer to print a black and white photo of a sunflower that I took a photo of several years ago. I printed it onto plain typing paper. Then for this week's mix-ability challenge to transfer print, I spread mod podge on the cardboard and laid the printed photo face down on the mod podge. I used my fingers to get the bubbles out. When that dried I sprayed the back of the paper with water and gently rubbed to get the paper off. I wanted to add some "color" to my project so I added yellow water coloring to the petals. I used distress inks to add a caramel color around the sunflower. I also added gold shimmer spray and gold acrylic paint. I also used gold metallic rub. Then I glued cheese cloth in the corner. But it turned out to be too white. So I took some cheese cloth and used distress inks to make it darker. I also took some cheese cloth and sprayed it with gold shimmer spray. I die cut the letters out of the cardboard box as well as the butterflies. I decided to use a sharpie marker to make the letters all black to make them stand out. I added gold around the edges of the butterflies. The letters kept disappearing in the cheese cloth so I added a strip of burlap. I had black polka dotted  mulberry paper. I decided to burn around the edges. I took a paper doily and used distress inks to give it a golden color. I made it into an easel card. I kept looking at it and decided it needed some stamping, so I stamped some circles and music notes. I also decided it needed distress ink around the edges of the brown cardstock.

 Here are some close up photos.

 The butterflies are for the free for all challenge for things that fly.


  1. Absolutely stunning MariLynn. love the gorgeous textures and colours!!!

  2. Beautiful!!!! So glad you described your steps to making this card. The music notes & circles took this over the top! I also enjoyed the little bit of history about your blog. I love to hear when people use all their resources (recycling) - it inspires me to do more. Thank you.