Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September blog hop MFP- Day 1 KOI FISH

Sept. Blog Hop! 

This month's New Stamp Set Releases are

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Koi Fish

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Primitive Farm

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What a Scream
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Tailgate Party

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The special stamp set we have for you this month is:
Holiday Tags

The mini stamp set we have for you this month is:
Nature's Brushstrokes

I was drawing a blank on how to use this set, so I did what I usually do when I  have a blank, I google images to use for inspiration. I loved this painting by Rebecca Pearl  
and I wanted to water color my card to try and look like her painting. This is the end result. My first try was a total disaster. I am slowly learning how to watercolor. I decided to share my failure so you can maybe learn from my mistake. My biggest mistake on my failure was trying to rush it. And second was using wrong size of brush. I used too little of one on the mistake. Added ribbon and a oriental coin to finish my card.

My mistake that I am sure is destined for the trash unless.... I can think of some creative way to fix it.

Check out what the rest of the Design Team did with this set.


  1. Your water colors are blended together nicely.

  2. Your water is absolutely beautiful! The gingham ribbon and Asian charm finish it perfectly and the best of all...your stitching.

  3. Hi don't trash it - try applying some colour over the water using a different medium - take it slowly but I think with some soft coloured pencils or some chalk or maybe masking the images and sponging that one could be recovered. The other one turned into a card is lovely.

  4. I really love the end result of your card!!! You did a great job on both. I don't think you can go wrong on mixed media so save the last piece...

  5. MariLynn, TFS the inspiration photo, it's lovely. Your card turned out gorgeous! I love the soft colors of the pond! Tying it up with ribbon is a beautiful embellishment!

  6. Especially like the stitching. Never say trash. You can use it.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  7. Your finished card is just stunning! I'm with you on watercoloring...I'm not very good but they say practice makes perfect...but hey who wants to be perfect!
    stamping sue

  8. Gorgeous water color card!!!!
    In ART there are never mistakes, only Opportunities!
    (Also you can lightly brush water on a section of the pond at a time and then touch the tip of brush of a very liquid water color (in the wet area)and it will wick over your original background)

  9. Lovely cards and I like the watercolored back ground.

  10. MariLynn,
    Your card is really lovely - the background is just gorgeous.

  11. I feel your pain as far as watercoloring goes. I have a terrible time with it. Your final result did turn out very nice.

  12. I love the final result that you got. Amazing technique.

  13. I think you learned very quickly to watercolor. your second painting looks much different.

  14. Love the completed card - you really got the water looking perfect!! Keep the first one - you may be able to fussy cut the images and use them as layers for dimension on another card.

  15. Wow you are definitely a quick learner that watercolouring is absolutely gorgeous.

  16. Water coloring with this set is a perfect combination. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. This is a beautiful way to show us the Koi!

  18. Wow this is beautiful and such a great inspiration. I to google Kio fish just to get in idea of what colors they are.