Friday, September 20, 2013

Don't worry if it takes a little longer to finish a card

Sometimes I can make a card in a few minutes. Sometimes I can make a card in a couple of hours, and then sometimes it takes days for a card to come together. This card was one of them. I had these scraps of designer paper on my desk. I don't usually use a lot of designer paper because I think it looks too busy together So using all of these different papers (9 to be exact) was a big step out of my comfort zone.I started this card on Wednesday.  The card was laid out using Splitcoast Stampers Sketch 454. It was a simple sketch with two horizontal panels one wide and one thin. It also had two tilted panels. If you look those elements are there, I just added some extra strips of dp underneath them. I was already to call it done and assemble, but it just didn't feel complete. I fiddled around with it and finally set it aside to come back to it later. Ok, Thursday came around and the Splitcoast Stampers Ways to Use it challenge to have a pocket on your card came. I thought, I can make this card a pocket card. I tried to figure out a way to have the pocket be the red panel under the butterfly, but it just wasn't working. I wanted the pocket to be able to hold a tea bag. So after a lot of fiddling, and it still not feeling "right" I set it aside again. Friday, today came with the Splitcoast Stampers Mixability Challenge 34 to use 2 different types of paint. I had already water colored the butterfly before I cut him out. so I added acrylic paints to the card. I know a lot of people are intimidated with adding paint to their cards. It doesn't have to be hard or even "artsy" it can be like I did. I put the paint on with the handle of my paint brush. Dots really add interest to the card. It finally felt complete. After 3 days I would hope so.

I made a pouch that the tea bag fits inside. That pouch then fit in the pocket.


  1. What a marathon MariLynn - but a wonderful result none the less.

  2. This is just gorgeous and the time you took to stitch makes a fabulous accent to your project. Love the pull out "giftie" and the butterfly!! Beautiful work, as always, MariLynn. Blessings on your day!