Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sponged lace

The technique lovers challenge today wast to take lace and sponge ink over the top of it. When you lift up the lace, a lacy image is stenciled on the paper. I had lace that had really little holes, so it was really hard to get an image that I liked. I think I will try this technique again, with better lace.


  1. Love it, your colours are beautiful - one hint I have heard is to use nylon lace, not cotton, as it is finer and it sponges so much more easily.

  2. Hi MariLynn - this is a great technique and so efefctive! This is very pretty MariLynn and I love the border punch as well! Thanks for sharing! {!!hugs}}}

  3. Oh this is beautiful MariLynn! Love this technique and will have to give it a try :o) Hope you have a wonderful day.