Monday, October 13, 2014

Casing a friend

There is a challenge on Splitcoast Stampers where they feature a stamper's gallery and players are encouraged to go to the gallery and pick a card and CASE that card. I seldom play because it is on a Sunday, and Sunday's are pretty busy with church. I was talking with my good friend Pam and although we have been members of Splitcoast Stampers for many years neither one of us had ever been chosen to be a featured stamper. So we decided to Feature Eachother's galleries. I went into her gallery and it was like a time machine because the two of us have chatted about many of the cards that she created. I picked two cards and combined elements of the two on my card.  I picked

This Card by my friend Pam LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY 
This card by my friend Pam. ...TOUCH THE SKY  

My friend is so much better at a style called CAS. Clean and Simple.  It is a style I really struggle with... I almost had to sit on my hands to not add anymore layers or embellishments to this card.

I had started the day kinda feeling sad that I hadn't been "picked"...I think it goes back to childhood. Remember when teams were picked to play games...? Well, I was frequently picked last or not at all. But as I sat here thinking today, I decided that I am much more blessed to have good friends who support my art, then getting recognition. So thank you dear friends for your support. Your kind comments mean so very much to me.

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  1. What a wonderful card MariLynn - and a beautiful CASE of Pam's cards. You managed the CAS well - now you can get off your hands and make another card in your own precious style. - I do know what you mean about not being picked ;-)