Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog Hop Day 2 - Duck Hunting

Nov. Blog Hop! 

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Honor and Glory

These 5 sets combined with today's featured set Duck Hunting were used to make my card. The church that I go to has small bible study groups. We have been learning about having faith like a little child. That had me thinking about being like a child.
 Remember when...
Remember when we played games that you didn't need electricity to play? How many can you name? I'll start the list with duck duck goose, hide and seek, kick the can...What did you play when you were a little child?


  1. Love your duck colouring. We used to play with a sheet over the line as a tent - it would be a house, a hospital, a cowboy tent etc. Old baths as paddling pools and then in the winter colouring, snap, snakes and ladders etc.

  2. What a fun idea. Love your ducks

  3. Red Rover, red rover, let MariLynn come over! This was just too clever.

  4. A cute card. I don't think I ever played "Duck, duck, goose".

  5. How cute is this??? I love it!!!! TFS the cute video too.

  6. What a fun card! This made me LOL!! I love your stitching!!!

  7. Cute card! I don't think I ever played Duck, Duck, Goose!

  8. Marilynn,
    Adorable card! I do remember playing Duck, Duck, Goose on our recesses in grade school.

  9. Cool card. Your Duck card reminds me of the Mallard Ducks that fly into our swimming pool ever so often.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  10. MariLynn--this card is just wonderful! Love the "goose" sentiment! TFS

  11. The stitching really finishes this card nicely.

  12. Very fun card. I like the stitching. We liked to play Red Rover.

  13. Great idea to do the stitching...the sentiment is so dang cute!

  14. So clever!!! Your card made me smile!!! My friends and I all read "The Five Little Peppers" by Margaret Sidney. We couldn't get enough of the stories and then we would act them out. Thanks for the fun trip down memory lane!

  15. Cute card; thanks for sharing. Hide and Seek was a favorite in our neighborhood.

  16. lol this made me giggle...what an awesome card!

  17. The images are perfect for paper piecing! Yours turned out so wonderful. Great job!

    Come and follow me!

  18. Your duck card is fantastic! and yes, I do remember the game duck, duck, duck, goose!
    stamping sue

  19. Ha ha!! Your Duck Duck Goose card just made me laugh! So fun!

  20. Great card. I love your sentiment. lol I remeber playing jump rope, hope soctch, and my all time fav is Jacks.

  21. This is a fabulous application of this set! The child like idea is carried through with the ransom style "goose".