Monday, November 15, 2010

WISH Technique

If you want to watch video, scroll down to bottom and mute my radio worship or you will have overlapping music. I'm sorry, but I am not technical enough to know how to fix it. Sorry that it isn't the best of quality. Maybe Santa will bring me a video camera this year!

I have a better video now with higher def.

I want to share with you my favorite technique. I call it the W.I.S.H. technique. It stands for watermark, ink, spray and hold. I formally called it the ink spray smash technique, but I.S.S. sounded like something a snake would do. I like this technique for 3 reasons. It is EASY, CHEAP and FUN.
How easy is it? I have taught it to 6 year olds and they were able to do it on their own after seeing it done once.
How cheap is it? There are no special supplies to buy. Most stampers will have them in their homes already.
How fun is it? I think it is a blast to see a white piece of paper turn into a unique creation. Each time I do this technique I get a different look no matter what.

What supplies do you need?
ziplock bag
markers (watersoluble- I use cheap Crayola markers)
ink pad
water bottle
piece of white cardstock

Stamp image on white cardstock using ink pad.
Cut the top and sides off of the ziplock bag.
Open bag and lay flat on table.
Scribble with markers on the bag.
Spray one side of the bag with water.
Fold bag together and let the marker ink mix.
Open and lay the cardstock, image down on the bag.
Hold for a few seconds to let the ink absorb.
If you want more color, repeat on other side of bag.
Let the cardstock dry and create.


  1. Looks like a fun technique MariLynn! Hope to give it a try soon! Thanks for showing us!

  2. Wow MariLynn...such a great technique and your videos are awesome. Love these and hope to try this technique soon!

  3. omgosh, how cool is this!!! thank you so much for sharing your fav technique!
    Gorgeous creations Marilynn!
    hugs & blessings!