Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Yesterday was pinewood derby day for my youngest son's cub scout pack. My son Kaleb is in the back row all the way to the right (showing his thumbs up sign!) You would have thought that it was the Daytona 500 for all the excitement in the room. Last night was bitter sweet. I realized that it was my last pinewood derby that my boys would be in. My oldest daughter and I were helping get the cars checked in and weighed. We had a can of washers and a hot glue gun to add weight to some of the cars. One boy was questioning why he needed weight, and his dad said, "She has been doing this a long time listen to her." It made me think back to when my son Joshua made his first car. Grandpa helped him shape the car, but it was up to me to help him get it to the right weight. We have a total of 10 pinewood derby cars from my boy's cub scout years. We have had a pick up truck, a big rig, a GTO,... and last night a ghetto car with graffiti. I just hope that the boys will have as good memories about their pinewood derbies as I have.


  1. What a great photo MariLynn and such happy memories! Your son is adorable and they all look so proud of their cars!!! TFS!

  2. What a terrific picture.. I love these family times and that is one thing I really like about scouts.. We had fun too.. I saw the most unique cars. Can't wait to do it again.. Thanks for sharing..