Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dogwood Tutorial

These are the punches that I use to make the dogwood flower.

Out of pale pink paper, punch out 4-petals using the balloon punch.

Out of pale yellow paper, punch out a snowflake.

Use 1/8" circle punch to punch the edges
of the petals and the center of the snowflake.

Out of green paper, punch one flower. This will be the base.

To make the center, I use a quilling tool.

A quilling tool has a notch at the top to hold the paper.
They are not very expensive. I bought mine at the
craft store for less than $5.

Slide the quilling tool into the center of the snowflake.

Slowly wind the snowflake around the quilling tool.

Snowflake will look like this when it is all rolled up.
Slowly slide it up off of the quilling tool.

Here is the center, off of the quilling tool.

Add glue to the flower base.

Add one of the petals to the base.

Add a second petal on opposite side to make it even.

Add third petal.

Add fourth petal and while glue is still wet, scrunch up
the petals to make a bowl.

Add glue to center of flower.

Add quilled, rolled up snowflake to the center.

For this card I added gold glitter to the centers of my dogwood flowers.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Very creative use of punches! The flowers look just like dogwood blossoms.

  3. MariLynn you are so creative and talented! These Dogwoods are gorgeous, as is your birdie! Thanks for the tutorial!!! Blessings!