Friday, December 2, 2022

Day five Growing in Unity

 I am going to share a really fun project. I saw it on Facebook. It is Christmas ornaments made with plastic cups. I also used Unity Here today Here tomorrow butterfly stamp. 

To do this project you need cups that have a recycle 6 symbol. I got mine at Dollar general. You also need sharpie markers, a hole punch, embroidery thread, a foil covered cookie sheet and an oven. 

I took the cup and colored with multicolored sharpie markers and punched a hole in side. Learned the hard way that you have to punch first before you shrink the cup. Then turn oven on to broil setting. Place cup on foil covered cookie sheet. Then place in oven. These photos you will show you it melting 

After it melted I stamped the butterfly on the ornament using black stazon ink. 

Tried it again with different patterns. 

I put embroidery thread through the holes and wrote the date. 

Some tips:
Melt one cup at a time. Multiple cups didn’t melt evenly. 

Sometimes I had to push down on the cups to make them flatten completely. 

Melt them with the lip of the cup touching the cookie sheet. They stick together if you try them the other way. 

It is easy enough that kids can do this project. My 6 year old and 3 year old grandkids made some at Thanksgiving time. 


  1. These are really pretty! Another thing I have to try!

  2. This is such a cool project. I used to do shrink plastic years ago. I will have to try this with the cups. Great GIU week - you always come up with fun & different projects and I always enjoy them. ;-)

  3. What extremely lovely and fun thing to do! Thank you so much for sharing… They turned out so cool.

  4. Fabulous project! Awesome way to end your week. Thank you for sharing this and the rest of your projects.

  5. Thanks for another creative way to use Unity stamps! These are unique!

  6. This is so pretty!! My daughters would love to make this. I will definitely try it.