Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rainy Day take 2

I watercolored the background. I stamped the butterflies and flowers. I then watercolored the flowers  and butterflies. I then had a dark enough surface to make my raindrops.

Now this wasn't just watercoloring. It was mixed media. I also used acrylic paint, used a pen and prisma colored pencils.

World watercoloring month day 19 Rainy Day

 World watercolor month day 19 Rainy days.  Well I was hoping I would get a real rainy day. The forecaster said that today was the best chance for rain. We haven't had to cut our grass all summer because the rain keeps missing us. We desperately need the rain. I did something that I know better than to do, I went to the World Watercolor Month facebook group. There I saw several watercoloring masterpieces of rain. My mistake wasn't looking at beautiful art. The mistake was comparing my art to theirs. Well I recovered pretty quickly and just decided to have fun.
I have a slightly twisted humor to those who know me. I thought it would be funny to have a water color artist who got caught outside painting when the rain started.  Just so you know the story behind this painting that I'm titling. TIME TO COME INSIDE.
I started by taking a photo of my hand holding a paint brush so I would have something to use as a reference for my sketch. (How sad is it that I have my giant bottle of aspirin on my desk? Well, I took 2 and it helped knock my headache down long enough to create.)

 My sketch.

Even though I missed sketching a tail in my original sketch, it wasn't too late to add a tail for my bird.
Here is my finished rainy day watercoloring sketch.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

world watercolor month day 18 Jungle

World watercolor month day 18 prompt is IN THE JUNGLE. Well I went to 
Costa Rica Rainforest. Close enough. I decided to paint a toucan. I started looking at drawings of toucans and then started sketching. I wanted my toucan to have a cute expression on his face. So I gave him a big eye. This is what my sketch looked like.

Then I googled toucan's to get a better idea how to color or paint him. It was then that I found this adorable video of a rescued baby toucan. I mean just look at that sweet face. I didn't know I was going to paint a baby toucan till I saw the video.

So I did a few tweaks to my sketch.

I made his head a little rounder and his body a little fuller too. 
Sometimes there are things I try with my art that don't turn out how I was expecting. Sometimes that is bad but occasionally something works out better I hoped. This was a better time. I really liked how they eye looked.

I don't know if you can see the little bits of green reflected on my toucan. Because black isn't really ever just black.
Of my paintings so far, this one is my favorite.

World watercolor month day 17 City Life

Day 17 prompt  City Life. This prompt evoked a strange emotion and question in my mind. What counts as a City? I know there are "Cities" like New York City, Chicago, Paris. Those are Big Cities. But how little population can you have and still be a City?  I live in an area that most would call rural. Population of approx. 1,800. But I write my checks for water and trash to the "City of ..." We are a destination for the little farm towns around us that have populations of 200-300. Yesterday I went to the "Big City" near us where the population is about 10,400.  I took this photo to paint. I sketched it and took some artistic license with it. My daughter lives in a City population of 25,600 and she was told this week that she lives in a rural area. My son laughed and said "Well what would you call where we live?" I guess it is all relative. 

Some of what I learned about this "watercoloring" sampler:

  1.  I usually am afraid of white spaces. I painted the buildings and sidewalks and I didn't worry if there was some white.
  2. I usually want to make everything a solid color. I let the paint leave some variations. I think this made it look more organic.
  3. I usually struggle between wanting to make it look realistic like a photo and the desire to have it look like ART. I did this one fast and let it be what it was. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

World watercolor month day 16 Casting Shadows

 I did only one painting today because I had a bad headache all day. I did a simple sketch of two chickens. I tried to do their shadows and the shadow of the barn. While it is not exactly how I wanted it to turn out, it does has a charm of its own.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

World watercolor month day 15 on the beach

Day 15 On the beach. I decided to do beach two different ways I did a sunset with palm trees in silhouette and I did a little comical seagull.

I forgot to take some in between photos. I will try to remember tomorrow.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

World watercolor month day 14 Sweet Treats

Day 14 prompt Sweet Treat. I thought of all the sweet treats that I could pick from and I would choose pie. That part wouldn't be hard. Now choosing what kind of pie would be hard. I love almost every slice of pie I have ever had. There was a slice of coconut creme pie that stands out in my memory. I had it right from the oven at a small coffee shop. Another pie memory that comes to my mind was my first try at making a cherry pie. It didn't turn out right but it is a family story of my cooking journey.  I thought it would be fun to have the background on my card read "If I choose a sweet treat, I choose pie. What would you choose?" I took those two sentences and using google translate, got the French translation and wrote it on my paper. 
 I sketched my little chef and two decorative borders.