Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A touch of blue- OPPOSITES

With presidential elections coming up, there is so much negativity, and it seems to me that more than any other election people have a strong opinion one way or the other... I have seen people on facebook be just terrible to their "friends" who disagree with them. I challenged my friend Pam today in light of all this stress that we needed to make a card that showed that opposites can come together and make something beautiful. So I challenged her to make a black and white card. She said we needed a pop of color (I voted for blue, but just for this card LOL). I added we needed to add lace. We did this week's SCS sketch. I flipped the sketch. On my oval I added some silver inka gold metallic rub because I wanted it to look like a mirror. I wanted to remind people, including myself, that having a nicer, kinder place starts with the person we see in the mirror.


  1. What an amazing thought process that went into this card - I LOVE this idea! Thank you for showing how your art can bring positivity - and such lovely art it is, too!!

  2. What a wonderful and dramatic card MariLynn - love the silver and blue with the black and white.