Friday, July 17, 2015

Sunflower transfer

I love taking photos of flowers, and sunflowers are my favorite flower. So when I saw that this week's challenge was to make a photo or print transfer, I took one of my sunflower photos. I printed it with a gray scale, onto just plain printer paper.. Then I took a piece of cardboard that I had put gesso on. I covered over the gesso with Mod Podge and then placed the photo face down onto the Mod Podge. When it dried I sprayed the back of the paper with water and rubbed away the paper leaving the image. I then added color with water coloring and gold shimmer spray and gold acrylic paint and distress inks.  Because "direction" didn't matter, I didn't flip the photo before printing, but if the photo had had words, I would have flipped it before printing.


  1. MariLynn, this is really something! Your flower photo is beautiful and then the transfer is quite stunning! I love the way you embellish your cards

  2. Thanks for sharing this extra technique post MariLynn.