Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Dandelions

When people list of their favorite flowers, dandelions don't usually make the list. I however love them. The bright yellow when they first bloom, to me looks so pretty dotting the nice green lawns. (Just don't tell my husband that!) And who can resist blowing the seeds into the air and watching them be airborn. There is something magical about watching the seeds disperse. I know it makes more dandelions for my husband to have to kill, but I love blowing on them and making a wish. (Really don't tell my husband that!!!) My sons have a leader in their scout troop who is an expert on wild foods. He has given seminars all over the world. I love it when he shares about food you can find in the wild. When he was the science teacher at the high school, he had a plot of land that he grew dandelions on. In the spring he would have the students pick the dandelions and he would prepare food with the dandelions. He also would have a contest to see which child could bring in the tallest dandelion. My daughter found one when she was in her class that had a stem of 20 inches. What I like most about dandelions is seeing the intricacies of God's engineering. Imagine creating a flower that when the wind blows, plants itself. Amazing!!!
This birthday card uses stamps from a set that will be released next week from Mark's Finest Papers. It is called JUST DANDY. I stamped the dandelion and added "Fluff" I took two styrofoam balls and rubbed them together. The broken pieces of styrofoam and glitter combined made the perfect fluff for my card.

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  1. Wow - stunning card MariLynn - love the way your 'fluff' shines.