Friday, September 17, 2010

Ransom - Pun

This card combines 3 challenges... sketch, ways to use it and free for all. The ways to use it challenge this week was to make a ransom note like card. I used my computer to make the letters in all different fonts and sizes. The free for all challenge was to make a card that had a pun. I am planning on sending this card to my sister who has been very sick for awhile. I am going to write this in the inside " Let's leave on a vacation." It would be nice if the two of us could go on a vacation somewhere together, but she has 8 kids that she homeschools, and I have my 4 kids and job. Several months ago, we went on a virtual vacation to Hawaii. Who knows where we will go this time? I think it would be fun to go find a little bed and breakfast in the mountains where the two of us could sit and drink hot apple cider and enjoy the coming of Fall.

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