Monday, October 5, 2009

Army of God

Last week I shared that we were getting ready for our scout cubanapolis. Kaleb wanted to make his box car a Hummer. He wanted it painted camo and he wanted to call it ARMY OF GOD. He did the design work, and the cutting. I had to help with the hot glue gun, and dad helped with the spray painting so that we didn't end up with our dock more painted than the box. He camped out the night before the race in 40 degree temps and rain and had a blast. The morning of the race was damp and cold. The boys still had a lot of fun. Kaleb's car won overall best design out of about 70 cars. He was so proud of his trophy, he wanted to take it to church to show his friends. We are planning on using his ARMY OF GOD hummer as part of his costume for our fall festival at church.

Where the real action was. Kaleb racing fellow cubscout Blake.
Trophy winner!!

Best design out of about 70 cars.

Kaleb in his Army of God Hummer.

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  1. Well done Kaleb - that's quite something to win the best design.