Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I had a great Labor day celebrating with my family. Our little town has a Labor Day parade every year. Our church had an entry in it. My daughters were in the marching band. My oldest plays picollo. (The only one in the band) My other daughter is in the color guard, twirling the flags. She is second from the back. Here is the video on Youtube. First came our banner. Then came our cub scout pack. Then came the Dancing Umbrellas. I am center in the last row. The marching band was at the beginning of the parade, but my daughter put it after the Church's entry on your Youtube video. Traditionally people throw out candy at the parade. Our pastor decided that this year we would hand out popcicles. We handed out over 3000. I am feeling the effects of the parade today. I am super stiff. (Note we took home 3 trophies for our entry)

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