Sunday, August 30, 2009

A game of clue

Adjusting to kids being in school has been a little difficult. I haven't had time to post anything this last week. This card was made for Cindy's Tuesday Teaparty. We were to make something that had to do with the game of CLUE. I knew right away that my card had to show the billiard room. One of my brother's creative outlets is to write and sing songs. He wrote a song about dreaming of being in the game of clue and that there was a rat eating catsup in the billiard room. My favorite line in his song is "... I don't care who did what, with what. Or if they ever get caught. I'm just waiting for my rodent friend to shoot." (Lyrics copied with permission from the author) Growing up we had a pool table in our family room. My sister and brother and I loved playing pool. The table was also good to play chase around. We had a little guinea pig that we would let run on the table and the guinea pig would run in the holes and down to where the balls rolled. Whenever we played I always wanted to shoot solids. My brother turned 38 last week and I already had a card ready to send him, but I know I am going to have to send him this one too.

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